"It is your lucky day. I had the pleasure of working with Kim for all of 2012 on the Obama Campaign and I can say there is no one I would recommend with more conviction than Kim. The campaign is a special beast. Days are long, often 15 hours, and there are no such thing as weekends. The work is highly varied, from comedy shorts to stories of families losing their jobs, from 30-second spots to longer documentary style pieces. I threw all of these at Kim and she was able to move between the varied projects with ease. But Kim’s greatest quality (from the perspective of a director and producer core spread very thin) was her ability to independently post-produce and cut her pieces. There were times where drives would just land on her desk and we’d be reliant on Kim to make something of it. Time and time again she did. Kim’s speed, creativity, work ethic and the fact that she is just a wonderful person in general makes her an absolute must hire. She will be a great addition to your team."

-- Stephen Muller, Director of Video @ Obama For America(Stephen is now the Managing Director, New York at Blue State Digital)

"Kim Pellnat is hands-down one of the strongest editors I have ever worked with. Kim has worked on multiple projects for my company, Decoupage Productions, and she is someone I hope to continue to hire for years to come. Kim often works for us remotely and she always delivers on time and with the most professional demeanor. Besides being incredibly fast, Kim has an amazing ability to set the tone of any piece she works on. She knows how to pace the cuts, pick the exact right music, and bring life to her projects that they did not have right off of the set."

-- Tara Power, Producer/Owner @ Decoupage Productions

"Working with Kim is always a pleasure. In addition to being a highly capable editor, she is a reliable self manager and thinks like a producer. All you have to do is wind her up and set her loose, 100% confidant that she will always provide exceptional work on schedule."

-- Jeremy Slutskin, Executive Producer @ Hyperactive Content

"I had the pleasure of working with Kim on the 2012 Obama campaign. Our team was small and always incredibly busy, so having a smart, self sufficient editor like Kim was amazing. I knew I could hand her a project and she would own it from start to finish. She thinks like a producer, is amazing at working on her own, and was always very cognizant of incorporating notes and feedback. She has a great sense of story and flow, is super creative, and is also very technically savvy. I've worked with a number of editors on a variety of projects, and Kim is someone I know I could bring on to anything and she would do a fantastic job. I definitely plan to work with her in the future, and highly recommend her for other projects. I'm happy to answer any other questions or continue singing her praises. Good, smart, fun editors are often hard to find, and Kim is definitely one of the best."

-- Emily Anderson, Senior Video Producer @ Obama For America(Emily is now the Deputy Executive Producer, Live Interactive Journalism at The New York Times)