“Generation Startup Trailer”

23 wins. 1 of those was an Academy Award.
Director Cynthia Wade won her Academy Award in 2008 for Freeheld, a 39 minute short film that eventually saw a fully dramatized version last year, and was nominated again in 2012 for the short, Mondays at Racine. The amount of accolades and attention she’s made with the stories she’s wanted to tell is more than enough reason to settle into this one to understand what caught her curiosity. Even though the statistics are showing Millennials starting companies at their lowest rate in the last 25 years, there will always be those who see forging their own path as the only path that will ever make sense. This trailer felt like a callback to the superb documentary that was all too timely in 2001,, for all the same reasons: watching people follow their dreams to make a life for themselves on their own terms while struggling to make things work out. It just makes for great drama and Wade captures those highs and low lows. It may not be following Twitter or Facebook along their meteoric rise but these stories are the kinds of things that motivate others to follow their own passions.


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